Toon Blast Beginners Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

toon blast beginners tips

Tons of puzzle games with more challenges, missions are developed by the game industry, and Toon Blast is getting more fame.

The game is based on cartoon characters that can travel in different magical worlds if users pass more levels quickly.

When the players level up faster in Toon Blast game, cartoons can go more besides, they can grab an array of benefits.

For example, bonus, cool prizes, magical worlds, EXP’s, in game currencies, and much more. Due to its features, purpose, graphics, challenges, it becomes more fabulous as compared to others.

Players can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices without paying any charge. Yes, there is no need to pay any single cent for playing as it is entirely free offered by the game industry.

Mentioned below are some of the beginner’s tips and tricks that help you to succeed faster like no one another can.

Also, paying attention to said content helps you to explore more fun, reduce stress, and enhance your mental skills.


At the bottom of the screen, beginners can see some combos’ items. With the help of those items, they can pass hard challenges easily.

Combos make a big blast from which users can destroy a more significant number of cubes at a single time. Using the combos correctly helps you to make extra points, bonuses, rewards, and in game currencies.

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Moving further in the game process combos hard for the users. It means on higher levels; gamers need to find the combos and buy it with currency.

Start from the bottom line

It is considered as one of the best methods for clearing the level as soon as possible besides for obtaining more benefits.

If you are removing the cubes from the bottom line, it’ll automatically destroy more cubes and makes combos.

All beginners are suggested to start the level carefully and start cleaning the cubes from the bottom.


Boosters are also called dynamite, which can be used in tough situations or challenges. Most pro players use boosters at the end of moves when there are one or two moves left for the finish.

It’s a great strategy because it permits them to make more points in the last when there are no more moves lefts.

So, beginners are also suggested to adopt this technique for succeeding faster without getting stressed.

Earn more coins

Coins are considered as primary as well as the premium currency of Toon Blast game. It can be used to purchase various in-game items besides playing smoothly.

In order to gain more benefits, you are suggested to earn coins in a more massive amount. There are many toon blast coin hack and tricks available in the game to earn currencies such as-

  • Login daily
  • Pass more challenge and mission
  • Make combos
  • Join a team


With the help of the tips mentioned above, we can easily say that it helps you to progress faster besides enjoy the game more. Also, it allows you to achieve other personal goals by playing smoothly.

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