The Sims Mobile Beginners Guide

the sims mobile

The Sims Mobile is the mobile phone version of the famous life simulation game series, the Sims. The original Sims series had several sequences, and undoubtedly successful for the computer gaming world.

But Electronic Arts‘ entry in handheld device gaming through this game has made it a real buzz in the mobile world.

Here we will be providing you with the beginners guide about the game.

  1. In the beginning, merely focus on the cleaning of your house and try to buy as many furniture as you can. The buying option requires Sims cash or some of the items are given free, But you need to achieve a certain level to grab them. So at the initial stage, levelling up and gaining sim cash through daily events is your prime focus.
  2. After the basic clearance, you need to add more rooms and walls to accommodate the furniture you will need in future. If you are new to the game series, you must know that walls and rooms once made cannot be rearranged. So plan your layout cautiously.
  3. It is always advised to start your game daily with the available quests. It is a great way to get additional rewards in the various form which you will need at every sphere of your game. Try to complete all available quests to earn the most.
  4. Besides daily quest, you require to complete your To-Do list at the beginning. The more you complete, the more you get rewarded. Starting a new career, making new relationships, taking up new hobbies are a few simple examples that you are given at regular interval and you have to orient yourself to complete them.
  5. Also, you need to keep a close eye on the decoration of these rooms. The more aesthetically better decoration you make you get more benefit in the long run. Also, you have to buy your furniture keeping in mind of your Sims. Staying happy and getting away from boredom is Sims only requirement.
  6. Don’t keep your Sims always at work. Although there is no rule for keeping them busy but treat them as our ordinary people and give them a break. It will help you to revitalise the energy as well.
  7. Socialisation is another aspect that you need to keep in mind. You cannot keep your Sims deserted from the neighborhood. So always keep contact and make a new friend.
  8. Keep an eye on your energy meters before you start hanging out with your new friends and other Sims. It requires sufficient energy to do them.
  9. Parties are another crucial aspect in Sims Mobile. As you reach the sixth level, you get the chance to through parties. However, always keep in mind, you require Party token to arrange parties.
  10. It is not advisable to be a cheap stake, but keeping your Sims cash for proper use is an essential aspect at the beginning of the game.

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In the beginning, if you follow all the above-referred points, you can easily reach to an affordable position to start your enjoyable life in the sims mobile. So enjoy life and keep playing the game without any hassle in Android and iOS.

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