Shadow Fight 3 Hacks To Get Coins and Gems

Shadow Fight 3 Hack

When you have a Samurai personality in you and want to play a game that suits you in your mobile device, then Shadow Fight 3 is the latest in your platter. Hugely different from its earlier version of 2D fight the new Shadow Fight 3 can hook you up with their excellent graphics.

But like many gamers, you need to know about legit Shadow Fight 3 Hacks to get in-game resources. So here come our ultimate Shadow Fight 3 cheats in this post.

Shadow Fight 3 Hacks Cheats And Advanced Guide To Follow In The Latest Update

Key to Gather Resources

In the game, there are two currencies, Coin is tertiary, and Gem is strongest. You can complete each fight and get quickly in a reasonably significant quantity. Further, if you can spend less and don’t want to practice insignificant cause to spend them, you are not going to face any sort of problem. It is the main Shadow Fight 3 cheats in the way forward.

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Daily Login Bonus

Daily Login Bonus

The most straightforward Shadow Fight 3 hack is to collect the freebies given daily in the game. Although every day, you are not given coins, the additional awards that you receive are also essential to perform various upgrades.

Bonus awards

While you receive some bonuses, you see a bonus card available beside the reward. It is a bonus reward that you can collect in two ways. Firstly if you have a Shadow pass, these bonuses are received without any effort.

The other way to collect bonuses is to watch an ad. The Bonus you receive are quite fascinating and always recommended to obtain.


Chests help you achieve a good deal, and these also offer power-up cards. You better put all your endeavour and proceed to claim free chests. However, other Shadow Fight 3 Cheats can even assist you to get gems and coins.

Booster card pack

Booster Card Packs

Booster card pack is an essential Shadow Fight 3 hack in the game that gives you additional skills. Booster card pack contains five cards that provide other perks, equipment or an unusual move. Although you do not get coins from this, you can save a lot of coin spending is you get these booster cards.

Primarily you get booster cards in purchasing from the store. But the Shadow Fight 3 cheats to get them are to open chests and collect the drop-offs.

The basic booster cards are also given free at the beginning every day in the free booster card section. You must collect them daily as they are not accumulated.

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Spend the gathered coins and gems cautiously

Currencies play the most crucial role when you move forward in the game.  Always be prepared for expenditure, as you need to spend currencies on improvement every time you move forward at higher levels. Similar to Shadow Fight 3 hack, the upgradation of your gears and weapons are essential in the game. These upgrades will assist you and players in getting the materials you need.

Collect all freebies

There is a free tab in the shadow fight3, and that gives you some freebies. You can collect five diamonds if you connect with the Youtube channel of the developer.

Also, you get five diamonds for following them in Tweeter. These are a one-time gift but don’t forget to collect from this Shadow Fight 3 hack.

Tapjoy Rewards

Tapjoy rewards are simply some excellent rewards that you get if you complete some surveys or mane achievements in other games. The Shadow Fight 3 cheats to get these is to find the offer for the other games that you play. So you might get a handful of diamonds if you have crossed the level in another game that you are already playing.

Have a look at these Shadow Fight 3 cheats, and you can earn substantial bonus coins.

Complete side quests

Play Side Quests

Apart from the main storyline, there are other side quests. Missions, Events and Duals are the three kinds that are unlocked at a different stage as you proceed.

It is always a good Shadow Fight 3 hack to move to the side quests when you are stuck in the main story. The reason is you will collect perks from these side quest which will enable you to get the upgrades and skills. Make necessary upgrades and then come back to the main story, and you will find the primary battle easier.

Watch a video

Promotional videos are frequently available in the game, and it is a must Shadow Fight 3 hack to watch them. We assure you that you will get the advantage in any form, maybe that is the reward of an ability card, doubling up your rewards or giving additional perks.

Shadow Fight 3 Promo Codes

Shadow Fight 3 Promo codes are the rarest element you receive only from the developers. Many sites have spread rumours that they have promo code generator. Mark our suggestion, do not fall into the swamps of these Shadow Fight 3 hack apk. But here is our recommendation to get promo code.

Follow Shadow Fight 3 official pages in the social media and the official website News. If anyone can give you a promo code that is Nekki and you get that from all these sites. Not from any cheap Shadow Fight 3 hack apk site.

The Truth about Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK

One more warning from us is to stay away from downloading Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK Files. The game is an online game, and NEKKI can ban your account if you entertain any of these files. Also, there are chances to get damaged through malware using these game files. Instead, use our above Shadow Fight 3 cheats and play safe.

Final Words

Shadow fight 3 is an excellent battle game that can boost your enjoyment if you have mastered your skill through training sessions and use the simple gameplay. Using combo moves and shadow energy are the two most vital aspect that can make you the battle winner.

Also regularly upgrade your weapons and gear through the coins and diamonds received through above Shadow Fight 3 cheats. You must also develop your own style with all these elements, and no one can stop you from becoming a boss fighter.

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