Kim Kardashian Hollywood – 10 Things You Must Do

kim kardashian hollywood

You might have started playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood. But we will bring you ten tips which will give you a guide on the primary objectives step by step.

Read along and find all the tips that have helped many other players and me.

Step 1.  Get Stars completing Offer

The best Beginners tips are to look after the offers in the game. You might get rewards for other games that you play. Sometimes some offer is merely to download a game. All these offers gift you a considerable number of K Stars.

Step 2.  Search Hidden objects

In the game, you will get Energy through hidden objects. These objects can be anything, from a Wine Bottle to a pet. All these places remain hidden, but you can identify them if you see the display. Make a frequent visit to the same site and collect multiple rewards.

Step 3.  Get a car to move

When you are in LA, you need to move a lot, and every time you need to spend cash for the Bus. The next tip in the game is to get a car as soon as possible. Though it will cost you a bit, in the long run, you can save a lot of cash.

Step 4.  Go for Date

Date with people can give you huge rewards, and you must not hesitate to go. Make the right choice, and you can earn these rewards easily. Some cash and Energy are required to complete the date. So make sure you have full Energy before you start.

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Step 5.  Buy Apartments

In the beginning, you can collect some whooping cash through a Facebook connection. Use this cash to buy your first apartments. Apartments can give you the liberty to the party. Also, you can earn rewards through it.

Step 6.  Make parties

kim kardashian hollywood parties

Parties are another best hack to earn a high amount of rewards. When you have an apartment, you can arrange a party. Bring your friends to a party and make them part of your shoot. Your reward count will increase. More the party more will be your fan count.

As far as earning K stars are concerned, you can use kim kardashian hollywood hack and get to know the legit ways to earn them from the game.

Step 7.  Get a pet

Getting a pet will cost you 40 K Star. But it is advisable when you will be at the E-Tier. Save all your K stars from the start of the game and the first spending of it should be after getting the pet. But you need to buy apartments before that.

Step 8.  Get your Private jet

When multiple cities are open, then moving from one to another would be comfortable through the private Jet. It will cost you a lot of cash, but the benefit is enormous. You can earn Energy through private Jet.

Step 9.  Buy the LA Gym

The Gym is essential as it is an excellent source of Energy. You can buy the LA Gym spending 55 K stars. Every four hour, you can collect Energy from the Gym. Also, purchase equipment for your Gym. Frequently visit the place and collect the Energy as well.

Step 10.  Do multiple Job

When you are a higher tier player, you can do multiple jobs. Start a tack and enter the event. After that, immediately call your manager and get another job. You can get the call now option at the bottom of the job list.

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