Interesting Ways To Gain More Dragons In King Of Avalon


King of Avalon is a popular MMO dragon war game introduced for Android and iOS platforms. Every player in the game needs to create their empire, train dragons, troops, collect resources besides the need to fight with different enemies.

Lots of missions, upgrades, challenges are waiting for you to complete and gain rewards. Advance features, 3D graphics, functions, systems, and Challenges make the game more fantastic in comparison to other battle games.

King of Avalon is free to play where players can explore endless fun besides reduce daily life stress quickly. If you are a battle game lover or love to try new fights, then you must try King of Avalon once.

In the post, we are going to mention all the exciting facts of King of Avalon that players need to know. It helps you to explore more fun with friends and gain an array of benefits.

Learn the basics

If you are a beginner in King of Avalon game, try to play the tutorial part with more concentration. Playing the tutorial correctly help players to learn basics, understand what’s inside the game or what to do.

It allows you to understand all the beginning features that players need to know for a better startup. Ignoring the tutorial part may bring some issues while playing the game.


King of Avalon contains four kinds of resources that play a vital role besides includes their benefits. Each user needs to collect all resources in a more massive amount to work smoothly besides to play faster like a pro. There are many ways available in King of Avalon game to collect these resources, but they need to spend some effort.

Food, wood, Iron ore, and silver are four primary resources of King of Avalon, which players need to collect more. Beware, using king of avalon mod apk might be a temporary way to earn resources but not the permanent one. The higher the number of troops you have in the army, the more you need to serve.

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Food makes them more powerful to work faster besides fight with enemies better. Wood and other resources help to build the mighty empire without getting stressed. Food and wood are natural to collect from early stages, but iron and silver can be obtained after completing level 10.


As we mentioned above, various amazing features added in King of Avalon, which makes it super cool. Discussed below are some of the exciting features listed-

  • War everywhere
  • Join a powerful alliance
  • Send troops to collect resources
  • Chat and play
  • Strategy MMO
  • Build your empire
  • Fight with dangerous enemies as well as dragons
  • Fantasy adventure

Connect with Facebook

In order to get a free a certain amount of currencies and resources, you need to connect the game account with Facebook.

There is no need to pay fees for performing this work as it is entirely free for users. Although the number of currencies or resources is low, it helps a lot for a better startup.

With the help of the content mentioned above, we can easily say that the game is thoroughly enjoyable to play.

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