how to earn free tickets and diamonds in my story choose your own path game

My story: choose your own path is an excellent game where you do not have to worry about the tickets and diamonds.

However, as the game features are in tune with some interactive ones, the available option to earn in-game currencies is also limited.

Still, in our opinion, you can play the game without spending much or even not a single penny.

Following are our suggestion in which you should rely on to get the diamonds and tickets.

Play through Facebook

Getting socialized is the best part to come out from today’s self-absorbed state of mind. You could connect with the Facebook account of the game.

However, there is currently no availability to play the game in the Facebook game room.

The interesting part of playing the game through Facebook is not to get your friends attached to you and relay your progress through it.

You get chances to win the regular contests that are arranged for the Facebook community of my story choose your own path.

You also get rewards to connect the FB account, and those contests also give you diamonds and tickets.

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Daily Rewards

There is an excellent opportunity to grab rewards by playing the game daily. When you show your consistency in the game, the developers are pleased and gives you rewards.

The gameplay progress, as well as daily reward progress, is to be maintained through login daily, and as you progress more, the rewards also increase.

Sometimes when you are not interested in playing a new chapter, you can merely play the old ones. It will also save your daily login progress.

Play more and unlock more chapters

New chapters are available in the game very frequently. Also, there are thousands of stories in the game, Love Romance drama, thriller and many more categories.

When you do not have any preference of types and sheer acceptability to play any stories, then the game is quite appealing.

As you complete different chapters, you unlock more stories. However, we have a trick to play the game start different stories simultaneously.

Once you are finished with tickets with one story, switch to another and earn from it.

Automatic refill

The diamonds fill up automatically at a certain interval. If you can optimize your gameplay, you will be able to play the game through the diamonds available in the game.

You must have proper spending of these diamonds and do not spend any for the stuff that you can avoid.

Get a second account

A second account in the game is always a great my story hack through which you can exchange gifts and help yourself to get more tickets.

You need not depend on any of your friends to get them. You can exchange outfits that is essential for your looks.

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