Free iTunes Gift Cards Codes For All Music Lovers

free itunes gift card codes

Free iTunes Codes

Apple iTunes is one such platform that gives you all the facility to dig in the entertainment world. For an obvious reason all such entertainment does not get for free and you have to spend some bucks from your wallet.

The world of hand held devices is divided into two environment and one of them is Apple which has set a stand of its strategy of marketing its product.

As a savior for this spending there is a free iTunes gift card facility that gives you the same entertainment credit through some codes. Our article is to guide you how to get free iTunes gift cards for free using some of the best and legit methods.

Is it Possible to Get iTunes Gift Cards For Free?

The question is obvious and we must present you the real answer is no. In this world nothing comes without a price. However, if we need not spend any real cash currency then we call it free.

But if you think properly, it will come against some of your hard or lazy work.

We will provide you with both the way to earn these iTunes gift card. You can choose any of them; first the hard work.

How to Get Free iTunes Gift Cards Using Legit Methods


Method 1. Online Reward Programmes

Digital Loyalty programme and online reward card programme is one of the proven strategy of the current world to boost up product sales in current world and that has been accepted by thousands of companies. As a result the customer engagement increases and the customer is benefited with some personalized or card rewards.

online reward programmes

Online Reward Programmes

The most common form of these online reward programme is the loyalty points that add up through an app of the company as you purchase through them online or in retails stores. These loyalty points are then converted to a cash discount or in many cases through a gift card which includes free iTunes gift card.

It is one of the foremost cases where you get the benefit to earn the codes without spending any additional money. Following are some best online reward site that you can use.

  • SwagBucks

One of the best online reward site that gives you loyalty points more than usual is Swagbucks. Although the basic fundamental of this site is as simple as another reward site but it has one unique feature.

While most of the site’s reward system depends on personal surveys and filling forms which many user do not like, you will get many other option in this site. Watching and ad or subscribing to newsletter or making shopping from their affiliate sites are some other options.

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Swag Bucks is the biggest get paid to site and have huge number of traffic now a days. Also the association of promoting companies are more for them. So perform the task and get your first free itunes gift card with swag points.

  • Acorn Hunt

While Swagbucks depends on the reward system, Acorn Hunt is another app that directly deposit cash for your completed task to your linked PayPal account.

Acorn is a similar site and give you 0.05$ to 1$ for some jobs that might take tour fifteen minutes. The jobs are simple and related to data collection through smartphones. You might be required to provide the best slogan of any product, answer some multiple choice questions or take a photograph of a promotion of any store nearby.

Take your cash from the PayPal and get your free itunes gift card.

  • Rewardable

When you get rewards for completing task like checking the cleanliness of a shop or price of any product any area that would be an exciting thing. Rewardable gives you rewards for performing such kind of task.

The app is pretty simple to use and you can get the rewards instantly. The rewards may go up to $20 for some job and you might get bonuses for sharing some product with friends.

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You can get the reward in your PayPal account and Redeem itunes gift card with it.

  • Roamler

With Roamler you can start working for some additional rewards that can be effective to get your free itunes gift card. The app is simple and will give you rewards for performing some product oriented task like review or collecting product info.

This is an easy, secure, well-designed reward app that’s simple to use and the best one I have met. Tasks are earned at a reasonable price regularly and most of them are handled fast. If you need help of the Roamler support, they’ll reply you and your query in a short time.

So what are you waiting for; download the app and start earning iTunes card from the app reward.

Method 2. Online Survey Sites

Market research through online survey is the best way to gain confidence before making any corporate decisions now a days. From launching a product to changes on the design of a car model, the companies majorly trust on the opinion poll taken through online surveys.

online survey sites

Online Survey Sites

As a reward these survey sites are quite largely expanding now a days and simultaneously exciting rewards are also given trough these sites. free itunes gift card is also included in the reward list with other items due to its high demand and lucrative aspect.

However one major suggestion you should get from us. Do not use your primary email account for conducting in any of these sites. As you enter these sites you will be flooded with mails and hence a separate id can save your day.

Following survey sites are for your readiness into a good start.

  • ClixSense

  • Toluna

  • OnePoll

  • i-Say (IPSOS)

Lazy Way to Earn iTunes Gift cards Through Cash Back

While the above methods we mentioned required your legwork we will now provide you some methods that will provide you the iTunes gift card in an auto mode. These methods are for those who doesn’t want to make much of a move.

avail cashback offers

CashBack Offers

Method 3. Earn Through Social Media

One safe route to start your trip to earn free itunes gift card is to follow official pages of social media gift card companies and give away site.

However, just by following their official page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you will need to know which of these places offers easy points or gift cards in return for a subscription.

They also organize contests on their social media and your re-tweet or liking posts can be rewarded with a gift card.

Method 4. Earning Cash Back From Apps

Another lazy way to earn iTunes card is through cash back from the app. After you make a purchase of your daily requirements either through them or from the store, many applications give you cash back in lieu of money or reward points for registering your voucher in their app.

To get a free iTunes gift card, you can use such cashback or rewards. There are a few cases below which you can go for:

When every purchase of yours makes you win a reward point or cash back then there is no requirement to take any stress for any heavy work to get free itunes gift card.

Ibotta is one such app that gives you cash back for your purchase in your local departmental store and uploading the receipt in their app.

Earlier named as ebates, Rakuten is another app to get great deals and cash back for your purchase.

You might get the deals in their app or from any of the 2500 stores that they are attached. The deal is superb that will gear up your chance to get Free itunes gift card codes in an auto mode.

Free iTunes Gift Card Codes Generator

We provided you all the option to get free iTunes card in the above sections, and in this section we will tell you some more action that you should not go for. On internet you will some across sites which has iTunes hack tool in the form of Free itunes gift card generator.

beware of free itunes codes generator

Don’t fall in traps

We were also happy to know that there are more easy way to get iTunes gift card. But as we gave a second thought all the facts became clear to us. These are reasons why you should not trust any generator site

  • You have to spend your time but will not get any code in return
  • You have to provide personal information in the form of human verification process.
  • You might have to download potentially unwanted program
  • Through the complete process you will promote an illegal method on How to get free iTunes gift cards to trick another human by ranking them high in searches

We humbly advise you to turn around these Free itunes gift card generator sites and follow our methods above.


We conclude our article here with the opinion that you will get your desired free itunes gift card through these methods without any hassle. However we have found some sites that is praising to donate plasma and collect Free itunes gift card codes.

No we do not recommend any method that are inhuman or not sustainable. Our ways are easy and tested. So enjoy all the paid apps and games in itunes through these cards and share your thoughts below.

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