Creative Destruction Currency Guide

creative destruction currency guide

In the current era game, the currencies are so important, and without having currencies, in the game, it looks so boring.

Creative Destruction is a mobile game that is based on the battle royale concept. If you love action games, then Creative Destruction is one of the perfect games available in both Android and iOS platforms to download.

It is free to download and competitive on every Smartphone device. There are so many things in the game that gamers can get and purchase, and all of those things required Currency, and now we will talk about how we can get lots of amount of Currency in the game.

Advantage and importance of Currency

Creative Destruction is a battle royale, and in the game, you have many things that you can change, which is like – dresses, skins of everything that you use.

All of these things earned by playing the matches and complete the missions that will reward you with experience of coins and experience points.

Without the skins, the game works well, but the skins look more elegant and attractive, and gamer mostly loves it.

If you don’t have enough Currency in the game, do no without worrying about it because you will earn soon.

There are so many ways to earn the currencies in the game but before that learn how many currencies are available in the game –

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Gold coins

It is an important currency of the game and you can get it by completing the missions and playing battler royale matches and win the games.

Star coins

Star coins are a vital part of the game and can be earned by playing the matches, and it helps in many ways. One of the most important things that you can customize the objects you have in the game.


It is a very important part of the game, and it is earned by winning the matches. If you want amazing big weapons in the game, then diamonds will help you to get, and you can use it in the battles also. Use the creative destruction free diamonds hack that will help you earn free diamonds from the game itself using some legal ways.

All three categories of the currencies help a lot to progress game and unlock many new things that aren’t available at the beginning of the game. There are many things in the game that unlocked by hardly and to get them, it will need Currency like a diamond, and it can be earned by winning the matches.

Importance of Currency

Currency plays a vital part in Creative Destruction, and there are so many players who play the game just for unlocking amazing things.

The developers provide new skins and dresses to unlock every day and week, and these things attract the gamers a lot that makes the gamers to play the game more.

Having a huge number of Currency can represent you is a star player as well. There is a reason behind it, which is that when other players see your dresses, and they will be also willing to get it.

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