Covet Fashion In Game Currencies – All Facts Explained

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Nowadays, fashion lovers are seeking for exciting style based game where they can learn new fashion techniques or designs. To stop those players waiting, the game industry has launched a fashion as well as a style-based match for Android and iOS devices, namely Covet Fashion.

In the game, players need to perform different tasks or need to purchase stylish items for Avatar. With the help of top brands, they need to make the Avatar more fashionable, good looking, besides charming.

Well, you can play Covet Fashion game with more friends by connecting game account with Facebook.

When it comes to purchasing fashionable items for Avatar or to progress faster, players need to maintain in-game currencies accurately.

Game currencies play a vital role from which a user can enjoy the game more by performing every single task smoothly.

Kinds of Currencies in Covet Fashion Game

The game includes three types of currencies for performing several tasks. Make sure that you’ll use all currencies wisely without wasting it on unnecessary items in the early stages.

  • Money
  • Diamonds
  • Tickets

– Money

Money is considered as the first kind of currency in Covet Fashion game from which beneficial tasks can be performed. One can easily purchase dress-up material, elements with the help of money.

covet fashion in game money

It’s hard for users to collect money, but via taking participate in tasks, events they can earn it in the excellent amount.

– Diamonds

Diamonds are considered as the premium currency of the game from which superiors tasks can perform besides more items can purchase. It means if you need to unlock premium items, precious clothes, also elements, you can use diamonds.

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– Tickets

It is considered as the third main currency of Covet Fashion game, which helps to participate in different events. This currency is specially made for taking participate in fashion challenges, activities, besides missions. With the help of completing daily tasks, challenges, collecting bonus, a player can earn this kind of currency.

– Methods of earning in-game currencies

There are different methods available for collecting in-game currencies in the proper amount. Don’t panic; here we are going to mention some simple ways to earn all currencies without getting stressed.

  • Login Daily

Logging daily in the game offers 100 diamonds as well as free 20 tickets to the users. Just registering in the game can provide more benefits to the users, so think playing often can offer exclusive benefits. Either player doesn’t have more time to play the challenge; they are suggested to log in daily. It helps them to obtain different rewards, including in-game currencies. If you want to learn more about how to earn free in game currency in covet fashion game, Then you must read this awesome article on covet fashion cheats from, it will help alot.

  • Connect With Facebook

Attaching the game account with Facebook can offer a limited amount of currencies to the players, also provides extra benefits. Doing this task correctly permits all the gamers to play with their friends, besides borrow items in case of lack of money. Playing jointly allows them to progress faster like no one another can without getting more stressed.

Make sure that you are using all currencies wisely without wasting it on unnecessary items.

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