Archero Hack Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Archero Hack and Cheats

Developed by Habby, Archero is the new gaming sensation for all the game lovers. For all those, who are always super excited to clear difficult obstacles and fight dangerous enemies by crawling dungeons in a beautiful place on the map, this game is a complete package for them. Well, lets get to know more about archero hack.

But how to hack Archero is the question running in your mind. We are here to guide you through the dangerous and exciting journey of Archero. We have some tips, tricks and Archero hack to help you earn diamonds and coins quickly.

Archero Cheats and Hacks to Earn Diamonds and Coins

Dodging Is the Key

You are the lone archer in the game facing a bunch of enemies. It is not conceivable for a player to stand still and hit the targets as once you can get killed and restarting is the only option you will get. So, it is better to keep dodging and avoiding hits as much as possible.

  • Once you are on the open battlefield, you don’t have options to hide. So it is only Archero hack to keep dodging around and confuse your opponents.
  • When multiple enemies attack you, always choose to go to a corner of the map and let a single enemy come near you and in between your archer will hit the target moving the joystick.

Understand the Spirits for Better Archero Hack

There are four main types of spirits in the game, namely, laser bat, scythe mage, elf, and living bomb. These four spirits possess different abilities that provide best results when used correctly.

  • The laser bat works best on shooting through obstacles, and the scythe mage is famous for piercing through multiple enemies at one go, the elf possesses the quality of getting rid of quick projectiles, and the living bomb works best at killing enemies by throwing bombs on them.
  • According to the performances, the living bomb and the Laser bats are the most exceptional spirits that can be used against enemies, especially when obstacles are present there.

Keep Grinding Over And Over Again

Grinding is significant in the game to unlock supreme talents and to upgrade the already unlocked ones. Once you cross 50 stages of the game, you will come to see how important it is to have more talents unlocked and upgraded in your account. So it is Archero cheats android to get back again and keep playing the old level.

  • The more you play the levels, the more coins you will earn, and the more talent you will be able to unlock.
  • Grinding old levels is the best of Archero cheats to earn more coins, and you will learn to clear the levels more efficiently.

Watch Commercials to Earn Free Energy

archero legit hacks

Archero is entirely dependent on the energy level of the player you cannot play further until you have sufficiency in the energy meter.  You can get 20 Energy by using 100 gems in the game. Gems are very hard to earn in Archero, but these commercials are making the process much more comfortable.

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  • Every day you will get a chance to watch four commercials, and each ad provides five energy. So you can earn 20 energy per day and completely free.
  • Through these Archero cheats, you don’t have to spend your precious gems on them. These commercials will make it easier for you to survive by maintaining the energy bar.

Keep Your Equipment Upgraded To the Latest

Your gear is the primary resources for your survival in the game. So, you should keep your pieces of equipment enhanced from time to time. Equipment is sometimes earned by playing chests also.  There are several types of equipment in the game, like a weapon, armour, two rings, and two minions.

  • The weapons are to attack, and the armour helps to earn HP, rings have various advantages, including severe damages to opponents and minions helps you to attack and provide assistance.
  • You will require coins and scrolls for upgrading equipment. Upgrading equipment also improves your overall stats in the game.

How Many Coins And Gems You Get In Stage Bonus?

Completing each stage gives stage bonus of few coins, gems and occasionally a key to open chest. However, we have an Archero hack to use these coins accurately. Our tip is not to use your chest immediately as you receive.

World energy meter fills up to 20 bar, and as you play, you consume them. When you are out of Energy, use the chest and refill them.

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How to Use Your Gems Wisely

Gems are the premium currency in the game and are not easy to be earned. So always use Archero hack to get them and spend them at the right moment.

  • It is usually earned when you level-up or when you fulfil stage rewards requirements.
  • You can use gems for playing chest that gives equipment or for reviving yourself when you are near to dying.
  • Use gems in boss battles as they are hard enough to win.

Other Archero Cheats Review

You might have found various cheats, hack apk and mod files for Arc Hero while searching. But have you got any resources using them? Here we will explain these other Archero cheats.

  • Archero hack apk is not working as the game is an online game, and while you connect them with google play, it combines the game with the server as well. Any trick made by you in Archero hack apk files reinstates as you start playing the game.
  • Modified game files are usually not recommended as this Archero mod apk contains malicious items that can harm your device.
  • Cheat codes are not working in these games since there is no provision to enter these cheat codes.


Hence it is our suggestion not to look around all these useless stuff but follow our Archero hack. All of them are 100% working and surely make you a master archer. Also, we promise that we will update you about any other tip as we find them. But till then hit your bullseye with the above.

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