A Complete Beginners Guide and Walkthrough to Mario Kart Tour

mario kart tour beginners guide

Enjoy world tour racing with your favorite super game character Mario! Mario Kart Tour is a great racing kart game introduced for Android and iOS devices with real-life cities as well as tracks.

Lots of exciting race missions, tasks, challenges, multiplayer mode available in the game that you can enjoy more. There is no need to pay any cent for playing the game as it is entirely free offered by Nintendo.

The amazing racing game permits you to explore endless entertainment by reducing all mental stress. Various advanced features, graphics, functions make the game incredible as well as lovable. You can easily play the game with your friends and can go on an exclusive world tour.

Plenty of characters, an individual can find in the game and can perform all the tasks. If you are going to play Mario Kart Tour game, try to focus on the characters, controllers as well as frenzy mode of the game.

It helps you to play the game smoothly without facing any issue. Also, we are going to mention some new tips here that help players to progress faster like no one another can.

Gather more items

While playing the races, players are going to earn a lot of things in the Mario Kart Tour game. They are suggested to collect all items wisely in order to gain additional benefits.

Winning more races allows you to earn grand stars that can be displayed or used to buy things. Don’t forget to collect necessary details using some legal mario kart hacks to get items such as drivers, karts, gliders, as well as badges.

Well, by completing the missions and gathering items helps you to show winning badges to other players. It can b displayed wisely in order to obtain more EXP’s or learnings.

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There are many kinds of bonus challenges available in the game that you need to complete. Completing each bonus challenge offers an array of rewards, in game currencies, prizes as well as cool awards.

If you want to win fantastic rewards besides the need to explore endless fun, try to complete all these challenges first. Especially beginners are suggested to play bonus challenges for obtaining more awards, EXP’s, better kick start, and so on.

Connect with Facebook

If players need to play the game with their friends, they need to connect the game account with Facebook or with other social media platforms.

It’ll automatically give them a chance to enjoy the game with their friends. By winning the races, they can enhance their online ranking without getting stressed or tensed. However, getting good online rankings helps to gain better outcomes from the game.


Get advantage of drifts besides comes at number one place in races. Players are allowed to drift anytime and anywhere during the race. It helps them to maintain speed besides getting the victory faster.

Performance point

As per the performance points, players are offered gold coins at the end of every task. If their performance is so good, they’ll get more coins without facing any issue.

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