4 Facts About Pixel Gun 3D Game You Must Know

pixel gun 3d Facts

Have you ever tried Pixel Gun 3D game once? Want to enjoy an exciting Battle Royale shooting game? To get all the achievements, you need to know different facts about Pixel Gun 3D game. Pixel Gun 3D is a fascinating first-person shooting game in cube blocks graphics.

There are different game modes available in the game which allow users either to play solo or in multiplayer mode. 30+ maps are added, which you need to follow for succeeding faster like no one another can. One can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices for free.

Yes, there is no need to pay any cent for running the game, but for instance, players may need to purchase payable game items. Here we are going to discuss all about Pixel Gun 3D game which permits you to enjoy more besides understand every fact.

Customize The Hero

At early stages, all gamers are suggested to customize their character besides buying different skins for them. Spending coins (the primary currency of the game) in right amount allows you to customize the hero more.

Know Your Weapons

There are more than hundreds of weapons added in the game from which players can kill their enemies/monsters/ zombies. Each kind of evidence contains some rarity according to power, skill, and so on.

Some weapons are really potent as compared to others for killing the enemies quickly.

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Don’t panic as with the help of in-game currencies you can unlock more weapons as well as upgrade it. Some kinds of weapons are listed below-

  • Sniper rifle- it is considered as one of the legendary weapons in Pixel Gun 3D game which is perfect for sniping.
  • Machine gun- for making rapid fires besides decent damage in limited time, a machine gun is best in mid-range battles.
  • Shotgun- it is a slow weapon which contains a limited range. You can correctly use this weapon when you are a few meters away from the target.
  • Melee weapons- these weapons include massive damage, but players need to maintain distance for using it correctly.
  • Special weapons- in Pixel Gun 3D game you are going to meet more unique weapons. Special weapon contains different ranges, which help users to choose best.


30+ maps with different sizes added in Pixel Gun 3D game from small one to extra large which users need to follow. Trying each map correctly permit all gamers to choose the suitable one without getting stressed.

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It is recommended you to understand the concept, size of map besides selecting the right one to enjoy the game more also for earning more rewards.

Collect Daily Rewards

Like all other games, Pixel Gun 3D also offers you to collect daily rewards for free. Daily rewards can come in any form such as- in-game currencies, weapons, and necessary items, and so on. Also if you are interested in more such pixel gun 3d cheats then do checkout the given link source which explains it more further.

Even if you don’t have more time to play the game or mission, try to collect daily rewards first.

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